Top 3 Cloud Computing Trends


The great thing about cloud computing is that you are able to access your software whenever and wherever you are. As long as you have an Internet connection, your cloud-based software application is only a click away. If that isn’t awesome enough, cloud-based computing frees users from the traditional headaches of local computing.

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First Look At Windows 8

With Windows 8, comes effort of Microsoft to step away from the traditional desktop and icons and in turn focus the PC in a different direction. While there has been a lot of good press about Windows 8, a lot has been said about the Metro style interface which some love and others loath. At any rate, in this article we will discuss the strengths of Windows 8.

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Streaming Music Services Are The Future

The way people listen to music is changing, again. Back in the late 90’s music sharing services like Napster rocked the music industry. No longer did consumers want physical CD’s, they wanted digital copies of their music in the form of mp3’s. They wanted to own individual songs, rather than an entire CD.

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Galaxy Note II Press Event Scheduled

The Samsung Galaxy Note II will have its own press event in NYC (New York City) this coming October 24th, Wednesday at exactly 7 o’clock in the evening. Well, a lot of us aren’t surprised. As a matter of fact, T-Mobile US and several other carriers have confirmed the upcoming release of the said Galaxy Note successor.

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Ultrabooks: The New Breed of Notebooks

Light weight and extremely portable – this new breed of notebooks has created quite a stir. Ultrabooks are the latest generation of light and slim notebooks that pick up where the netbooks left off.

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Stay Away From Windows 8 Upgrade Offers

By now everyone knows of the impending release of the Windows 8 operating system for PC’s. This is causing many to delay their purchase of a computer until the new operating system is released. It’s a common occurrence that happens before any major product or software upgrade.

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